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Red Sea 2002
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Stoney Cove

Northern_Safari_2002_Bluespotted_Stingray DivNorthern_Safari_2002_Dive_Group Northern_Safari_2002_Diveboat_MY_Pegasus Northern_Safari_2002_Diver_Andy_Dale Northern_Safari_2002_Dolphin Northern_Safari_2002_Dolphin_02
Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Bluespotted_Stingray Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Common_Lionfish Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Dive_Group Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Diveboat_MY_Rosetta Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Diver_Andy_Dale Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Moray
Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Rosalie_Moller Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Thistlegorm_Cannon Northern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Turtle Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Devil_Scorpionfish Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Diveboat_MY_Cyclone Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Diver_Andy_Dale
Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Giannis_D Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Giant_Moray_05 Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Marcus Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Marcus_02 Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Million_Hope Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Million_Hope_02
Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Rosalie_Moller Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Shortnose_Blacktail_Shark Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Spanish_Dancer Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_SS_Thistlegorm Northern_Wreck_Safari_2003_Turtle Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Bluespotted_Stingray
Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Dive_Group Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Diveboat_MY_Suzanna Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Diver_Andy_Dale Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Napolean_Wrasse Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Ocianic_Whitetip_Shark Southern_Wreck_Safari_2002_Tugboat

October 2007, Sudan Expadition onboard the Royal Revolution from Port Ghaleb (nr Marsa Alam, Egypt) to the Sudan. Visiting 'Jacques-Yves Cousteau Conshelf 2' (Continental Shelf Station 2) a starfish shaped underwater research centre at a depth of 10m built in 1962.

March 2004, I returned to the Northern Red Sea Wreck Diving Safari and the Cyclone. The trip was again escorted by Peter Collings (underwater photographer & author). We dived the following sites: Dunraven, Giannis D, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, Bluff Point, Rosalie Moller, Kingston, Sha'ab Nab, Shag Rock, Thistlegorm & Jolanda Reef. Saw many types of fish including stingray & scorpion fish.

In 2003 I embarked on another Northern Red Sea Wreck Diving Safari on the Cyclone and escorted by Peter Collings (underwater photographer & author). We visited: Carnatic, Dunraven, Marcus, Giannis D, Ulysses, Rosalie Moller, Carina, Kingston, Thistlegorm, Jolanda Reef, Million Hope and an unknown wreck. On the dives we encountered stingray, scorpion fish, sharks, turtle & dolphins.

Later in 2002 I came back for more in the Red Sea on another Northern Wreck Diving Safari, this time aboard the Rosetta. We visited: Kingston, Carnatic, Mine Sweeper, Suzanna, Rosalie Moler, Thistlegorm. Saw stingray, giant moray & turtle.

In 2002 I embarked on a Northern Red Sea Diving Safari aboard the Pegasus. We visited many sites and saw many types of sea life, including stingray, scorpion fish, sharks, turtle & dolphins.

All photographs were taken by Andrew R Dale using the Olympus Camedia C-5050 Zoom Digital 5.0 Megapixel Camera with the Olympus PT-015 underwater housing.

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